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Laguna Agate - Sea Mist, Peony + Vanilla (Petite)

Laguna Agate - Sea Mist, Peony + Vanilla (Petite)

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Inspired by the deep sea and as mesmerising as the ocean herself, Laguna Agate is a rare beauty who loves to enchant the senses. Find yourself intertwined in a Sea Mist of sweet summertime with an uplifting air of delicate Peony and vitalising Vanilla.

Sea Mist enlivens with the warm sun and salt spray of beach days.

Peony freshens the air with a delicate scent of garden blooms.

Vanilla keeps you sweet as ever with deliciously creamy refreshment. 

In order to maximise your burn time we recommend making sure to light it for 3 hours at a time, so the wax burns evenly all the way to the edges. Keep the candle away from wind drafts/aircon and always trim your wicks!

Hand poured in Sydney. 100% Soy Wax. Lead-Free Cotton Wicks.

Our Crystal (petite) Candles are 190 grams

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